Defence pet relocation Australia

Interstate & International pet transport

We understand the regular uplifts Defence Personnel undertake need to be done smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re travelling overseas or just across town, at PetFlyers we have the expertise, resources and knowledge to ensure your pet arrives safely at their new destination.

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With you every step of the way

From the initial consultation, through to arranging all required documentation and transportation, we will be there every step of the way!

A key focus of our Business is the relocation of Defence Family Pets

With years of experience in assisting Defence personnel with their relocation needs, Petflyers understands that every journey can be different and therefore offers an individual tailored approach to ensure your pet enjoys a safe and comfortable transfer from start to finish.

Our team of specialist pet handlers are knowledgeable in all aspects of animal transportation and have a proven track record of delivering pets on time and with the highest safety measures – no matter how short or long the trip may be. Furthermore, at Petflyers we provide full support throughout the entire process so you can rest easy knowing that your beloved companions will arrive safely at their destination.

Reuniting pet families worldwide

Defense Pet Relocation Services

We are proud to provide professional pet transport and pet relocation services at competitive prices. Our experienced pet travel consultants put your pet’s well-being first, ensuring that your pet needs are met during the journey.

Domestic pet transport

Petflyers has established agents throughout Australia who offer Professional Pet Taxi and Pet Boarding Services. Our extensive network and team of experts means we can move your pet between any two points within Australia.

We offer door to door or airport to airport services or a combination of the two.

International pet transport

Taking your pet overseas can be a very complex and potentially stressful experience. Virtually every country in the world has it's own regulations and peculiarities. The airlines also have their own individual procedures for carrying and transiting live animals.

Your pet(s) will benefit from our extensive experience relocating pets all over the world.

How It Works

Our pet travel services are designed to make the journey as smooth and seamless as possible whether your pet is traveling overseas, rurally or to a major city

Get your free online quote

Our free online quote includes all the information you need to know – from size requirements, flight details and pricing - so you can make an informed decision.

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Confirm your booking

Confirm your booking today and let us do all the hard work! Your pet will be taken care of with the highest standard throughout their entire journey.

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We'll pick your pet up from home

We offer a unique door-to-door experience to simplify the process. Our team of experienced pet travel agents are available around the clock to ensure your pet’s journey goes smoothly.

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The journey begins!

We handle all the paperwork, transportation and any necessary health checks to ensure your pet's safe arrival at their destination.

Why PetFlyers?

We treat each family individually and offer tailored services to suit their particular needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional services at affordable prices

Receive reliable pet travel advice

Our Services

Reuniting pet families worldwide since 2005

At Petflyers, we provide everything from providing crates, airline approved carriers and collars, to arranging transport via car or plane for interstate or international flights. We also offer advice about trip preparation such as vaccinations and quarantine regulations – helping you ensure your furry friend arrives safely at its destination.

Domestic Pet Transport

Our door-to-door and airport-to-airport services makes it easy to safely move your pets between any two points within Australia

International Pet Transport

We work with leading air carriers to ensure that pets are transported safely and securely from Australia to their destination country.

Defence Pet Relocation

We’ve developed tailored services specifically designed to meet the needs of those in the Australian Defence Force.