Domestic Pet Travel

Pet travel advice and quality

When it comes to transporting your furry friend within Australian territory, don’t leave it up to chance. At PetFlyers, we offer a comprehensive door-to-door pet transport service tailored to your needs. We can take the stress out of relocating your pet friend and provide you with peace of mind knowing that they are in safe hands at all times.

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Prior to travel

From the initial consultation, through to arranging all required documentation and transportation, we will be there every step of the way to provide you with reliable pet travel advice.

Our team of experienced pet travel agents specialises in domestic pet travel services between Australian states or territories, as well as urban and country areas. From Adelaide to Hobart, or Darwin to Townsville we understand the importance of a positive journey for your pet.

Our domestic door-to-door service includes pick up from home, airline handling services for interstate flights, and delivery directly to your destination – the safest, and most comfortable journey they deserve.

Pet Transportation within Australia

Reuniting pet families across states

We are proud to provide professional pet transport and pet relocation services at competitive prices. Our experienced pet travel consultants put your pet’s well-being first, ensuring that your pet needs are met during the journey.

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Domestic pet transport

Petflyers has established agents throughout Australia who offer Professional Pet Taxi and Pet Boarding Services. Our extensive network and team of experts means we can move your pet between any two points within Australia.

We offer door to door or airport to airport services or a combination of the two.

Arrive safe and sound

We offer 4 levels of service

When it comes to your pet’s travel needs, you can trust us with the experience and service that they deserve. We offer state to state pet transport in Australia, providing a safe and comfortable journey for your beloved pet companion.  At Petflyers we understand you need choice. That’s why we offer four basic levels of service to help you transport your pet within national territory. 

Airport to Airport

Airport to Airport is used when you have someone available at each end of the journey to take care of your pets. In this case you book the travel with us and we book the flights & prepare the crates. You make the arrangements to deliver the pet(s) to the airport and collect them at the other end

Door to Door

Door to Door means that we collect the pets from your current address in a pet taxi, take them to the airport and lodge them on the flight. At the other end our pet taxi crew will collect them from the destination airport and deliver them to their new address!

Airport to Door

Our service includes the pickup of your pet from the airport and the safe and comfortable transportation of your pet to your doorstep


Our travel kennels are airline approved and designed to meet Australian and international regulations for pet safety, ensuring that your pet's journey is as safe as possible

How It Works

Our pet travel services are designed to make the journey as smooth and seamless as possible whether your pet is traveling overseas, rurally or to a major city

Get your free online quote

Our free online quote includes all the information you need to know – from size requirements, flight details and pricing - so you can make an informed decision.

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Confirm your booking

Confirm your booking today and let us do all the hard work! Your pet will be taken care of with the highest standard throughout their entire journey.

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We'll pick your pet up from home

We offer a unique door-to-door experience to simplify the process. Our team of experienced pet travel agents are available around the clock to ensure your pet’s journey goes smoothly.

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The journey begins!

We handle all the paperwork, transportation and any necessary health checks to ensure your pet's safe arrival at their destination.

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Pet Travel Crates

At Petflyers we try to give customers as much choice as possible. The crate is important for the safety and comfort of your pet.

If you have your own crate you are welcome to use it. The more time the pet spends in it before the flight the more relaxed it will feel during the flight. If you plan to use your own crate remember it must be in good condition and be airline approved. The regulations change from time to time so we will need to verify with you that it meets current standards. Best way is to email us a photo of your crate and we can advise if it will be ok.

If you don’t have a crate then we give you the choice of buying one or hiring one of ours. We stock a full range to suit all types of animals. For smaller animals such as cats, small dogs, birds and reptiles it is very economical to purchase one. For large dogs it usually advisable to hire one unless you plan to fly your dog frequently. If you hire one of our crates you MUST leave it at the Airport. It is a Federal Offence to remove our hire crates from any Australian Airport.

Why PetFlyers?

We treat each family individually and offer tailored services to suit their particular needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional services at affordable prices

State to State Pet Transport