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February Update

Hi All

We’ve all settled into the New Year and the now familiar Chaos that accompanies COVID.

On the Domestic Front availability on most routes is pretty good with the notable exception of East Coast to Perth. Virgin flights in particular have very limited spots making it hard to get 8 weeks Puppies over to the West. Victoria is in lock down but we can still book flights from/to Melbourne to destinations other than Perth. Our Melbourne Driver has an exemption from the lock down so our pick up and delivery services are not affected.

There has been a wave of cancelled flights this week due to the lock down and our team is working hard to contact all those affected and  secure new flights for your Pets. In most cases the disruptions are relatively minor with alternative flights usually available within 48 hours.

Good News on the International Front is that the timetables have settled considerably compared to prior to Christmas and we can now offer fairly reliable flights to New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and many other destinations.

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