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Pet Transport to and from the West is always busy. Due to a lack of Breeders over West we have a steady stream of Pups flying from the Eastern States to Perth and WA Country Ports. Our inhouse joke is that all our hire crates end up in Perth! And then we have to rail them all back East.

We offer pickup and delivery services between Perth Airport and all Perth Suburbs, from Rockingham and Mandurah in the South to Yanchep in the North. For Interstate Pet Shipping we offer direct flights to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney and connecting flights to many other Australian Airports.

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Within WA we ship Pets to Albany, Broome, Esperance, Exmouth, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Kununurra, Newman, Paraburdoo & Port Hedland.

International Pet Transport from Perth

If you heading overseas our WA team will he happy to arrange everything to make your Pet’s journey smooth and comfortable. This includes providing the best quality Travel Crate, taking your Pet to the Vet for their final Export Check, finalising the Export Paperwork and endorsement by Australian Government, Daycare for your Pet until departure time and of course, arranging the flight with the Airline. We can also organise Customs Clearance and delivery to your new abode upon arrival.

Popular destinations from Perth are London, Paris, Frankfurt, Helsinki & Rome in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Delhi and Manila in Asia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East and Toronto, New York and Los Angeles in the Americas. We also ship quite a few Pets from Perth to South Africa.

Issues with Pet Transport in WA

The main issue is the Weather, especially during Summer. The Airlines reserve the right to cancel any Pet Bookings if the temperature is over 35 degrees. Note this applies if the max temperature for the day exceeds 35 degrees, not the temperature at the time your Pet is booked to depart or arrive.

For the northern ports in particular this is obviously a huge issue because most days in Summer and many in Spring and Autumn are hotter than this. Accordingly we recommend you avoid flying your Dogs and Cats during the hottest months. If you do need relocate them in hot weather you must have a back up plan in place for somebody to look after them if the airline cancels their booking.

The other issue we have is unsuitable Aircraft for Pet Transport. Both Qantas and Virgin operate some Aircraft within Western Australia that are not suitable for Pet Travel because the Cargo Hold is not Air Conditioned. If you are planning to take your Pet on the same flight as yourself please call us to check the Aircraft assigned to your flight is air conditioned before you book your ticket. There are also a number of smaller Regional Jets flying around Western Australia which can only take small Crates so if you have a large Dog it won’t be able to go on those flights either.

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