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Sydney Pet Transport: Domestic and International Pet transport from Sydney to the World

Sydney Pet Transport

Sydney stands as Australia’s premier hub for pet transport, making it the go-to destination for all your pet travel needs.

With the bustling activity year-round, especially from January to December due to work relocations and holidays, Sydney Pet Transport services are always in high demand. Notably, the Easter and School Holidays periods see a surge in pet transport bookings.

Having served the Sydney area for over 19 years, Petflyers is a trusted name in Sydney Pet Transport. We provide seamless connections to and from Sydney Airport with our air-conditioned vans operating every weekday, excluding public holidays. Our extensive network covers regions like the Illawarra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Central West, and all Sydney suburbs. Our longstanding relationships with breeders, rescue groups, and regular customers are a testament to our commitment to excellent customer service.

Our services aren’t limited to just cats and dogs. We facilitate the transport of a diverse range of animals, including rabbits, birds, fish, and reptiles, to all Australian ports served by major airlines like Qantas and Virgin, as well as some smaller airlines.

Given Sydney’s soaring summer temperatures, often exceeding 33 degrees, it’s vital to ensure your pet’s safety. We meticulously plan each pet’s journey to minimize their exposure to heat. It’s worth noting that Qantas refrains from transporting pets on days when temperatures at the origin or destination surpass 35 degrees.

For domestic pet travel within Australia, there’s an abundance of flight options. However, early booking is essential, especially if you wish for your pet to accompany you on the same flight.

For those looking to venture overseas, Petflyers offers international Sydney Pet Transport services. We can transport your pets from Sydney to major European cities like London, Paris, and Moscow via Qatar Airways. North and South American destinations are also within reach with direct Qantas flights to cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Santiago. Additionally, for our clients heading to Asia, we collaborate with airlines like Qantas and Malaysian Airlines to ensure smooth pet transport to cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

For those eyeing destinations in Africa, Qantas offers direct flights to South Africa, while other African locations are accessible through Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Lastly, for travelers heading to New Zealand, our most popular destination, we provide direct flights via Qantas and Air NZ to major cities like Auckland and Christchurch, ensuring your pet’s journey is as smooth as yours.

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