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Update on Domestic Pet Shipping

Hi Everyone and Happy Easter! It’s certainly the most unusual of Easters and probably one we will remember for a long time.

This week ended with the sad news that Virgin is suspending all routes except for 1 flight between Sydney and Melbourne 6 days a week. Our thoughts are with all our Colleagues from Virgin Australia Cargo from all over Australia who will be stood down. We hope to see you Guys back at your Stations soon.

For those who have existing bookings on Virgin Flights we are in the process of re-booking all your Pets on Qantas Flights. We shall contact you with the new flight details when our Office re-opens on Tuesday.

The Qantas network has also contracted significantly during the week. There are no more flights to or from Adelaide but we do have access to a Road Run between Adelaide and Melbourne and plan to use that to help out our South Australian Customers. We have no access to Tasmania at all. Many Regional Cities have lost their daily flight and flights to Darwin & Perth have been severely reduced.

We will continue to take bookings on available Qantas, Rex and Air North flights but please get in early, with so few flights running there is not a lot of space available for Pets. You should also be aware that if you already have a booking, or are planning to make a booking, it could be cancelled at any minute and there may be a delay of weeks or even months before we can re-book your Pet on another flight.

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